We are causing water pollution! Take action today for a better tomorrow.

We are causing water pollution! Take action today for a better tomorrow.
What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up? We use water - to brush, bathe, drink, clean etc.
Since the beginning of time, we've started our days with water. It's become such an involuntary element in our day to day life that we end up taking water for granted.
80% of the water we use daily is let out as wastewater; most of which is a result of our personal care / hygiene. Sulphates, parabens, phosphates, pthalates, synthetic colours, foam boosters, etc. in our day to day products, pollute our drain water. Our sewage systems aren't well equipped to treat these modern beauty, personal care & home care pollutants. This untreated wastewater then finds its way into our lakes, rivers and oceans. This is resulted in man made disasters like lake catching fire or toxic foam in our rivers due to high levels of untreated chemical pollutants. If not treated well, this also finds its way into our drinking water, eventually causing various illnesses.

A simple way out of all of these calamities is to make a switch by making better choices for our health and planet's well-being. Dadi / Nani ke nuskhe were so scientific that simple ingredients like reetha, shikakai or moringa would eventually clean the drain water in the process. We actually had clean water until few decades ago.

A simple switch to biodegradable personal and home care products can help create a better tomorrow so that one day you as a grandparent can provide clean water to your future generations.

Let us pledge today, on world water day to be more conscious of our water usage and water pollution that we are causing and take action for a water secure tomorrow. We, at Rustic Art are committed towards SDG 6: Clean water & sanitation. Join us today to make this world a better place.


About Author: Surabhi holds a Ph.D in environmental economics. Her dissertation topic was Economics of Wastewater Management, Recycling and Reuse in Maharashtra.

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