Rustic Art is a Vegan & Cruelty Free Brand!

It is our strong conviction that we must protect and preserve all beings of nature. Our amazing research and innovation team is always at work to ensure all the ingredients we use are from compassionate sources. There are so many natural & organic alternatives available to all animal based ingredients which we use liberally to protect our cohabitants of this Earth.

Vegan Ingredients
Beeswax, honey, cow milk, goat milk, ghee and so on are NEVER used to formulate any of our products. These incredible ingredients are highly potent and nourishing but we have equally powerful plant based alternative for all of these. For example, honey is replaced with Coconut Nectar which is sweet sap of coconut tree and incredibly safe even for baby products. Beeswax is replaced with various other waxes like sunflower wax, candelila wax etc. The list goes on.

Cruelty Free / Not tested on animals
All our products and the ingredients we use are from sustainable and ethical sources that do not test on animals. We have a state of the art microbiology laboratory and experience microbiologist who ensure every batch is safe for market.


We are also listed on PeTA website.


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