Rustic Art has been highly instrumental in introducing concept products to the consumer market. The 'concentrate' series of products by Rustic Art are formulated to be water efficient; meaning that there's no water in product's formulation and it requires less water to rinse off after use. The rinsed off water is non polluting, biodegradable and 'cleans' the drained water.
These concentrates, viz, face wash, hand wash, shampoo butters, conditioners and moisturizers, last longer as people get more product per gram as compared to products formulated with water. This reduces water and carbon footprint of the product as lesser number jars are required per person in lifetime. We have also created solid, plastic free personal care that completely eliminates the use of container.
Rustic Art has also manufactured its own menstrual cup and helped over a lakh women across all social classes & economic statuses to make a lifestyle shift towards a healthy and sustainable life! We have partnered with NGOs which help us create awareness and eliminate period poverty. All our menstruating employees (over 85%) have also readily adopted reusable menstrual products to eliminate menstrual waste from our offices and their households & surroundings.
Rustic Art has its own home range which is completely biodegradable. The rinsed off water is safe for gardening, washing floors and cleaning cars, etc. Yaayy, for wastewater reuse :)
Rustic Art is now coming up with its completely organic make up range under the brand I'mBeau Expressions. Organic make up with skin care benefits formulated using vegetable based pigments and completely plastic free, making us first Indian brand to do so.

To sign off, all this innovation is done under our highly sustainable manufacturing unit - energy & water efficient manufacturing process, solar powered factory,  zero wastewater discharge (complete recycling & reuse), rain water absorbent open spaces, & complete material recycling.
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