Inclusive Employment

We at Rustic Art, work to our fullest for the rightful up-liftment of all social communities. We have over 80% of women employees at all levels of organization. Having a manufacturing facility at MIDC in Satara, we are surrounded by most units which employ a majority male workforce. We promote self-sufficiency among local women by giving them employment opportunities either through direct employment or through freelancing. The local women are supported by their engagement in tasks like stitching cloth bags and other allied activities, which they can work on from their own homes. In this way we encourage gender inclusive environment among local communities where women can thrive in conducive working environments.

Empowerment: All employees of Rustic Art including direct female relatives of male employees are provided menstrual cups along with the provision of awareness sessions. In these sessions we guide them about the usage and maintenance of menstrual cups and its health and environmental benefits. We promote the importance of health, hygiene and simple sustainable living to the people through these sessions as well. They in turn then go forward and educate and encourage more around them in their communities. We believe safe and hygienic menstrual practices are the right of each menstruator and to make sustainable menstrual products accessible to all is our duty towards our environment. 

Project Sakhi: Partnered with Rnisarg Foundation

Since October 2019, Rustic Art has partnered with Rnisarg Foundation – a Thane based NGO which works intensively for sustainability and environment wellness through citizen engagement. Project Sakhi is an enlightening initiative which educates and promotes sustainable menstrual hygiene practices. Through this project we are making more and more women aware about having a healthy and safe-menstruation and empowering them to make the right choice of a sustainable menstrual product. Awareness is being raised about how in India there is currently no mechanism in place for the safe disposal of sanitary waste. It often causes the choking of sewers and rivers and polluting the environment. 

Under Project Sakhi a 24/7 helpline is made active, multiple workshops are being conducted and Sakhi Centres are set up to provide training to those who want to work in the field of sustainable menstrual hygiene. These centres become a one stop location where along with all this women can also purchase the menstrual cups. The workshops are primarily conducted by doctors, gynecologists and medical staff. Certificate training courses are given to those who further want to volunteer and conduct these workshops. Rustic Art through this noble initiative is providing menstrual cups to Covid front line workers during the tumultuous time of the pandemic.

In a country like India with a widespread stigma around menstruation, millions of women struggle with their menstrual health and hygiene. This initiative provides a guiding hand to help navigate and encourage them into making the right choices regarding which products to use, how to properly dispose of them and their own safety during menstrual days.

Some of the projects that we undertook were:

  • Indian Medical Association Kerala

  • Arey Forest Tribal Project

  • Covid Relief Menstrual Cup Distribution to Police, Nurses & Doctors

  • Awareness, Distribution and Hand holding to vulnerable and less privileged communities around Satara, Thane & Mumbai.

Project Amara

To support inspiring, upcoming initiatives and young millennial voices we started working with Project Amara, a sterling initiative by a group of rebellious women working toward creating a culture that is period positive and making sustainable menstrual products equally accessible to everyone. It is us taking one more step forward in our ardent mission of making menstruation comfortable for both menstruators and the environment.

9000 tonnes of sanitary napkins are disposed of in India annually, most unknown to the atrocious effect this has on the environment. And the underprivileged menstruators who cannot afford sanitary napkins resort to unthinkables like ash, leaves, used gauge and cotton, paper, wood, and dirty cloth.

It is the need of the hour to raise awareness about safe, affordable, healthy and sustainable menstrual habits. It is no secret that our country harbors a spectrum of myths, taboos and misunderstandings when it comes to periods. Project Amara, works towards eliminating these myths and guiding menstruators in true sense. Rustic Art has become a part of this movement by supplying menstrual cups and raising awareness about its safe and sustainable use. The menstrual cups are provided in a cloth bag with environment friendly packaging. 

Project Amara introduces sustainable products like cloth pads, biodegradable pads and menstrual cups which are safe and hygienic. We believe that every menstruator has the right to know exactly what is in their menstrual product, be it pads, tampons, or cups. With this project everything is explained: how to use them; material, safety and hygiene.

Rustic Art with Project Amara conducted many workshops like :
  • Rustic Art customers
  • A group of over 100 women across Pune, Nasik, Kathmandu participated in an educational session conducted by us during the lockdown period.
Some of the initiatives by Project Amara 
  • Menstruation myth buster campaigns.
  • Multiple interactive sessions in schools, societies, workplaces, NGO’s and villages.
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