7 reasons to choose organic shampoo bars for your hair care routine.

7 reasons to choose organic shampoo bars for your hair care routine.
What is a shampoo bar?
It is a regular shampoo minus water! Rustic Art solid shampoo (or shampoo bar) is a soap free, pH balance shampoo. It designed to cleanse hair & scalp without damaging hair & environment. Since it is a solid shampoo, it doesn't require any plastic bottle and therefore generates less waste. It is easy to use, travel friendly and make rich lather to properly cleanse even oiled hair. Here are 5 reasons why you must switch to shampoo bars:
  1. Sustainable & Eco friendly: Our organic shampoo bars are made with natural & plant based surfactants, is completely biodegradable making it gentle on the environment. It also reduces waste compared to traditional bottled shampoos as it comes in FSC certified paper packaging.

  2. Healthier for hair: We have combined traditional & ayurvedic herbs that our granny's always made us use like amla, shikakai, hibiscus, rose etc. into a convenient shampoo bar with all its benefits. It is a perfect substitute to the messy powders & pastes that suits our modern lifestyle. It also contains benefits of multivitamins and butters that helps maintain hair and scalp health. It prevents damage and promotes healthy hair growth.

  3. Convenient for travel: Our shampoo bars are small and compact, making them a great option for traveling without worrying about flight restrictions or spills (No major shampoo explosions :P ). Here's an opportunity for you to reuse all those pretty jars you have been storing.

  4. Cost-effective: One shampoo bar lasts 3 times longer than regular liquid shampoo of same quantity making it better for your pocket as well.

  5. Reduce plastic pollution: You will substantially reduce your plastic waste and overall carbon footprint. Yaayy for our oceans & planet :) !
  6. Safe for All Hair Types
    Color-treated hair, curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair or chemically treated hair: our shampoo bars are silicone free, sulphate free & paraben free.

  7. No transition period: Since our shampoo bars are 'soap free' and made with same ingredients as a natural shampoo. Your hair won't feel sticky or dry. If you are switching from a toxic/silicone based hair care, these shampoo bars will cleanse your scalp of all the build up and make way for healthy, shiny hair.

    In short, our organic shampoo bars is a perfect choice for you and planet. Give it a try today, we promise you won't regret it. :)

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