Happy Independence Day

स्वदेशी | Made in India

What started as a non - violent movement to reclaim our country's freedom by strengthening the Indian Economy has now become an emotion that we live by. The foundation of Rustic Art is laid with the same zeal and emotion of celebrating India, globally! It is the story of empowerment, strengthening local employment, economy and presenting Indian knowledge to the world!

India's First Vegetable Colours Based Make Up | With Skin Care Benefits :)

Not Everything Rough Lacks Class, Rock a Beard!

Just in love with your products.

"I am glad a brand like Rustic art exists in this planet, which promises
100% natural and effective products and delivers the same. 99.99% of
today's market is only focused on money making and cancer causing."
- Tushar

Mission & Vision

The only thing we’ve left to give our future is our planet and our values. Rustic Art ensures that both these entities go down a long way with love and care to see a beautiful place our world once was.

Sustainable Make Up

I'mbeau Expressions: Make up infused with organic skin care and organic vegetable colours. The organic colours are made using vegetable pigments made from purple sweet potato, red radish, beetroot, turmeric & spirulina algae.
Safe, Vegan & Cruelty free | Plastic free, Zero waste, Low impact

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