Rustic Art Experience Center: A Modern Minimalist Rustic Experience!

Rustic Art Experience Center:  A Modern Minimalist Rustic Experience!

"Everyone who walks into our store should experience what Rustic Art is!"

"What is Rustic art?" Asked Ajinkya; co founder of work of walls.

"In a nutshell, it's minimal, sustainable, rustic and art!" This two minute meeting was enough for architects at work of walls to realise our vision and become our eyes.

More than half the experience centre is built by material that would have seen landfill otherwise. The tube pipes forming the main wall of the experience centre were lying in the junkyard ready to be discarded. But we rescued and reused them to create a backdrop for our logo. The glass shelves in the recycled wooden frame were cut from a bigger piece of glass door that was previously at the entrance to Rustic Art's office.

The experience center makes sure that it's well lit even with natural light. The natural light illuminates the logo to give the effect of moon's waxing and waning cycles throughout the day. Mimicking a new moon, to crescent to a full moon towards the end of the day, only for us to step out and see the real moon do it all over again.

Since all the Rustic Art products boast colours inspired by Indian culture and nature, we decided to incorporate the same to clothe our store. Whites, Beige and Browns dress the remaining store; light on eyes to not draw away attention from the products, yet are neutral enough to make our products pleasing to your eyes.

The 7 lights surrounding the big yellow square (representing Jupiter) in our experience center is inspired by Nakshatra; specifically the seventh Nakshatra, Punarvasu. Punarvasu depicts the two restorers of goods, castor and pollux.

Jupiter is considered extremely auspicious and holy in Indian Nakshatra, and it only made sense for us to launch our experience center on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya.

The table below these Nakshatra is where you'll experience rustic art the most. It's a blank canvas. It will adapt to your taste. It's illuminated by the light coming off our logo, the lights above and the refracted natural light peeping in through the glass doors. This combination makes your visit as unique as the time of day you visit us. No two visits are exactly alike and we think that's beautiful!

 Take a virtual tour of our experience center here:

We decided to start our first store in our hometown Satara, Maharashtra. A tier 3 town surrounded by 7 hills of beautiful Sahyadri range. It is about 100 km from Pune and home to UNESCO world heritage site: Kaas Plateau.

We'd like to express our immense gratitude to Ajinkya Salunkhe, Disha Bachal and Pratik Gole in team Work of Walls to create such a beautiful experience centre for us, which was an incredible experience within itself.

We hope to see you all visit us in our experience center soon and say hello to our team, who work tirelessly to provide you a great experience daily.

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