9 reasons why you should switch to Organic Shampoo for your Pets

9 reasons why you should switch to Organic Shampoo for your Pets

Think of Marley & Me, Scooby Doo, 101 Dalmatians and even the popular movie thriller franchise John Wick. They have one thing in common, that is unconditional love and bond between humans and their pets. Pets are most beloved members of our families. They love unconditionally, are amazing companions and even sense if we are feeling low and would do everything to uplift our mood. Pet is the most cherished member of family and rightly so, they must always deserve the best.

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Just like humans, animals are better off with natural and organic personal grooming products. Most commercial grooming products are made with toxic chemicals like sulphates, paraben, petrochemicals and more. Like humans, these toxins are extremely harmful for skin and coat of our pets. Some toxins can potentially enter the blood stream through skin and impact the overall health of the animals. It is no brainier that one must always use non-toxic and organic product for grooming for the pet as well.

Here are 9 reasons why you should switch to Organic Pet Shampoo for your furry friends:

  1. Most commercial products contain synthetic fragrances which are very strong for sensitive noses of the Pets. Animals have stronger sense of smell than humans. It may cause irritation to the animal. They can also develop allergies to these synthetic fragrances. Hence the product must have extremely mild fragrance or no fragrance at all to suit the pet. If the fragrance is very mild for human, then it is probably suitable for the pets. Rustic Art organic shampoo bar for pets is made using only functional essential oils which are used in their permitted limits. They do not irritate the sensitive nose of pets and makes bath time a happy experience.
  2. Synthetic and toxic chemicals usually leave a residue on the skin and coat of the animals. It is not easily rinsed off. When animals lick themselves, they can potentially swallow the residual product and end up consuming toxic chemicals. Organic products are easy to rinse off and leaves no residue on the coat. Even if they lick themselves, they are not consuming any toxins in the process.It is also safer around humans and kids so they are not affected by the toxic chemical residue. We like to cuddle and play with our pets and are always in the close proximity with them. An organic shampoo is hence a safe choice.
  3. Natural ingredients like neem, colloidal silver are very effective for prevention of fungal or bacterial infections. It also helps prevent occurrence of ticks naturally. Its chemical substitutes might harm the skin and coat of the pet. They can potentially cause dryness and scaling of skin & coat.
  4. Pets pick up allergies faster than humans. Synthetic colours, additives, fillers in various grooming products make them highly prone to allergies. Organic grooming products may put an end to sensitivity and allergies of the pet.
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  5. Organic products make skin and coat of the pet healthy and shiny. They are better at preventing hair fall, keep skin hydrated and prevent dryness. Also, the pet must enjoy their bath time which is assured with mild and calming essential oils in organic products.
  6. It is important to note that pets can’t bathe themselves and while bathing humans also come in contact toxic chemicals. It can potentially damage the human skin as well. The harsh chemicals can cause allergies and reactions to humans as well.
  7. Once you switch to organic products, the pet will have a healthier life span. Once we eliminate toxins from our pet care, they experience less allergies and reactions which eventually means healthy pet. It can potentially increase their life span as well.
  8. Organic products are usually free of fillers and additives. It means a small quantity suffices per use. When correctly used, they prove to be more value for price paid. Thus, saves money in long run.
  9. Animals enjoy their time in nature and greens. Our pets love their time in nature and we must do everything to preserve it. Making a switch to organic products will also help in preserving the environment by not adding any more toxins into the nature. It is our responsibility as humans to make our lifestyle as sustainable as possible and try to reduce our impact on planet that we share with them.

Humans share only short span of their life with their pet but a pet shares their entire life with humans. It is our responsibility as pet parent to give them best possible care and all the love we can.