Toxins found in regular and organic sanitary pads according to a study conducted by an NGO

Toxics Link conducted a study of 10 regular and organic sanitary pads in the Indian market and found them laden with toxic chemicals, carcinogens, VOCs like chloroform, benzene etc. 
These toxins directly lead to various health disorders. The study found that there are no standards or regulations in India that controls manufacturing of menstrual hygiene products.
Every menstruator deserves a healthy menstrual hygiene product. Presently, there are multiple alternatives in the market like Menstrual Cup, Period Panties and Cloth Pads which are not only better for human health but also better for environment. 
We at Rustic Art have been enabling and leading a conversation in better menstrual health and hygiene since early 2014 and we don't intend to stop. We have impacted thousands of menstruating population by making available only ISO certified Menstrual Cup in India (Made in India). 
100% of our employees produce 0 sanitary waste as they have shifted from disposal pads to reusable menstrual cups or cloth pads. They have also enabled their own families and communities by empowering them with better knowledge about better menstrual health and hygiene. 
Our wonderful partners RNisarg Foundation has been enabling the conversation in grassroots regions in rural and tribal regions as well by supporting, hand holding and making the right product available via their Project Sakhi. 
Join us in our mission to end #PeriodPoverty and make periods healthy & sustainable for a better tomorrow. 
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