Environment Day Campaign

Environment Day Campaign

We at Rustic Art ran a four-day campaign leading up to World Environment Day across all major social media platforms, and we are proud to say that the campaign was extremely successful!!

Our aim throughout the campaign was to make consumers realize that their contribution could play a crucial role in reducing the risks of environmental damage. This is possible by simply substituting their daily use purchases with eco-friendly alternatives!

Since it is a bottleneck aspect of climate change, our campaign was focused on water pollution and wastewater management.

Daily Water Consumption

We started “Day 1” of the campaign by focusing on the amount of water that is used and wasted by a person on a day-to-day basis. The figures were shocking. For example; just small, daily activities such as brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and taking a bath can result in a consumption of up to 13 liters of water per person!! And this is just you, starting off the day. Then there are other activities such as washing clothes, cooking food, etc that result in even more water consumption, and its subsequent wastage.

How much water does an average household use per day?

Potential Health Hazards

On Day 2, we briefly talked about the regular cleaning products that people use, and how they are worse than you might think.

The chemicals used in cleaning products like floor cleaners, vegetable wash, and laundry solutions are extremely toxic in nature. This not something that we say without evidence, the label at the back of these products says it all!

While we might be oblivious to it in the short run, these products can cause irritation to your skin and eyes and are unsafe especially with a child or a pet around.

Potential health hazards of using regular cleaning products
Ok… This day was a real eye-opener!

Wastewater Management

On Day 3, we extensively talked about wastewater management – what are the sources and types of wastewater, how does it affect the environment and the process of treatment

This day’s post was important because we at Rustic Art absolutely nail it when it comes to wastewater management!

So basically there are two main types of wastewater; Industrial wastewater and household wastewater. As mentioned before, for the former we have an established system to reduce the wastewater that we generate. For the latter, which is to do with the consumers, our products are made in such a way that they use less water and leave ZERO residuals behind.

Wastewater Management
You see, we take sustainability very seriously!

Why Rustic Art?

We ended on a perfect note on Day 4, as we explained why people must shift to sustainable alternatives, such as our products, and help in contributing towards greater sustainability…

one small step at a time.

Why Rustic Art?

The campaign was a volunteer-led effort that included the graphics done by Simran and Sanjana (which were awesome!). Nidhi and Purarawa handled the content on all social media platforms, and Praneet contributed with the information required for the posts!

And of course, all of this would not have been possible without Surabhi!

So if you are reading this, what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards sustainability with us today!

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