How to take care of your hair & scalp in monsoon? Some rainy day tips for healthy hair!

How to take care of your hair & scalp in monsoon? Some rainy day tips for healthy hair!
Bollywood taught us that rains and magic have a superlative relationship, one that me and my frizz will never understand. The idea of dancing in the rain like Geet in Jab We Met sounds tempting until we’re drenched to the core in the cold rains while returning home after a looong day.


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This may seem like an exaggeration but the actual truth is my hair has never favored the monsoon weather. Let alone the sticky and cold after effects of a heavy monsoon shower, the hair damage that follows requires care and attention that I didn’t know about earlier. The humidity during these monsoons also leave my hair frizzy and dull.

Considering that the majority of our days as an Indian are going to be filled with downpours and misty atmospheres, I took it upon myself to research and experiment all the different combinations that favored my hair. It’s like they say I suppose, “Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off.” 

If you’ve turned to this article because you can relate, then don’t worry, Rustic Art has got your back! ;)

Some of the most common problems faced by us during the monsoon season are frizziness, hair fall and dandruff, all caused by the remnants of salts, oil and polluted water. Let’s understand the root cause of these problems in order to crack the solution-


The monsoon season is well known for its humid days. Humidity is one of the main reasons for frizzy hair in monsoons. The misty air makes our hair damp and frizzy, which can lead to split ends in the future. 

Hair fall

Our old friend, humidity also contributes to hair fall. Contaminated rain water significantly affects the hair roots as well, thus making them weak and causing breakage. 


Increased exposure to humidity and reduced sun exposure leads to a dry, flaky and itchy scalp, often resulting in dandruff flakes. Dandruff also, at times, leads to hair fall. Humidity also contributes to numerous fungal and bacterial infections in the scalp.

Dull hair

The moisture in the air during monsoons causes our hair to look dull and non-lustrous. 


Dietary recommendations
I would’ve jumped right into the products I had in mind to get you started on your hair care journey, however the right hair care products and a balanced nutritional diet go hand in hand. 

Just as exercises alone are not enough for your body to be fit, using marketed products are not enough for your hair to shine through all the environmental stresses the weather has to offer.

Protein rich diet

Our hair constitutes a protein called keratin. This would mean having a protein rich diet is a combat essential to boost hair strength. Include lots of green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, peanut butter, fruits, etc to your diet for healthy hair growth as per your dietary prefrance.

Omega-3 Rich Food

Omega-3 helps in fighting hair problems like hair fall and flaky scalp. Seeds and nuts like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc and other items like fish, walnuts, tofu are great sources of Omega-3. 

Anti- Microbial Food Items

Food items having antimicrobial properties help kill germs and bacteria, which are the main causes of dandruff and flaky scalp, while also contributing to hair growth. These include turmeric, ginger, garlic, lemon, curd, honey, etc.


Hair & scalp health is directly linked with hydration. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep our scalp healthy and hydrated, and helps to combat problems like dry hair and dandruff. This results in faster hair growth.

Avoid caffeine and junk food

Caffeine consumption and oily food consist of unhealthy amounts of processed sugar. Caffeine in any form also dehydrates our body leading to hair problems like weakening of roots. Eating junk food on a regular basis increases the bad fats in our system, also causing hair fall.

Rustic Art Monsoon- Kit
Rustic Art is an organic and natural personal and home care brand that believes in sustainable manufacturing and sustainable lifestyle. The best part about it is that Rustic Art ensures that all its products are cruelty free & vegan! :)

Check out the following Rustic Art products for healthy and happy hair this monsoon!

Hair Oil

Healthy hair begins from roots. Never forget good old hot oil champi is all your hair and soul needs. Pamper yourself with a good head massage while relaxing with hot cup of chai.
Our Nourishing Hair Oil is the perfect relaxation partner to make you feel all warm and fuzzies of nostalgia while the herbs makes way for new hair growth, strong roots and real healthy hair! This hair oil is made with pure organic castor oil, onion seed oil, rosemary, brahmi and more and is free of mineral oils.

Shampoo Butter

Try the world's first Shampoo Butter with Rustic Art which is sulphate, paraben and silicone-free!

Mint Eucalyptus Shampoo Butter
It is anti- fungal and anti- bacterial, making it suitable for a flaky and dandruff prone scalp.

Cypress Hemp Oil Shampoo Butter
It helps in reducing hair fall and frizziness by moisturizing the scalp.

Shampoo Bar

Rustic Art Shampoo Bars are 100% soap free & biodegradable, vegan, free of sulphates, paraben and silicones. It is the next best thing to the freshly sourced herb!

Rose Sandal

It repairs damaged hair by regulating hair growth and reducing dandruff and other impurities in the scalp.


Last, but not the least, is to include the right conditioner to your hair care routine. A conditioner helps to moisturize your hair, prevent its breakage and keeps your hair frizz-free.

Amla Methi Conditioning Bar

When Amla is paired with its gentle counterpart Methi and other hair loving ingredients, it regenerates and revives the health of your hair.

Hair Detangling Fluid - A Serum, A Moisturizer & Your Hair's Best Friend.

A smart formula that creates an invisible shield on your hair from pollutants, environmental damage and overall urban defense. It controls frizz, makes hair silky and glossy. Its non-greasy and lightweight texture makes it a perfect tool in your hair care kit.

 Coconut Coriander Hair Cream - Leave in Conditioner

It is a perfect pick me up for those really rainy days to delay hair wash. It helps control frizz and adds shine to hair while giving it a soft hold.

Happy Monsoons!

Jump in a puddle and make a splash, dance in the rain and enjoy the wonderful monsoons.


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