Zero Waste Make Up: Why we made it?

Zero Waste Make Up: Why we made it?
Zero Waste Day seems to be a great opportunity to talk about our zero waste make up! It all started when my mom Sunita Jaju, discovered stable vegetable based colours and decided to create a make up range at Rustic Art.
She has never used any make up in her life for one single reason - all the toxins in colours and ingredients of any commercial make up product. So with a vision to create the most sustainable and safe make up product ever we started doing our trials & i'mbeau smile was born.
i'mbeau smile is an example of 360⁰ disruption - 
💚Vegetable based colours ONLY. Our pigments are derived from purple sweet potato, red radish, beetroot, turmeric & blue green algae (spirulina). 
🍃100% vegan organic ingredients 
♻️ 100% plastic free & zero waste packaging, packed in FSC certified paper.
And the best part - it is 100% safe when your little one wants to try on your make up 💄
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