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What we do to save water – World Water Day 2020

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Summer is the time to enjoy the seasonal mangoes, ice golas, ice-creams and holidays. Somehow we have now reached a point where the first thing we do is worry if we’ll have enough water to help us through the summer. 

For the last four years we were working on upgrading our entire product range to be water efficient. Here are few steps we have undertaken since then-
1. The manufacturing process is optimised to use minimal water.
2. The wastewater from the facility is reused for gardening or to recharge the groundwater. 
3. Concentrate and Waterless product series help us reduce water consumption, reduce the virtual water footprint and transport less to no water in form of fillers.
4. The entire wash off product range requires up to 60% less water to rinse off.
5. The rinsed off water is biodegradable and doesn’t add difficult to remove or toxic contaminants to the wastewater. 
6. The wastewater from all the products can be reused with minimal treatment for secondary purposes like washing floors, vehicles, gardening etc. 
7. Reduced water content in the product, enables us to utilize more active ingredients and in turn deliver excellent results per gram of product.

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Location: Kaas, Satara, India

Save yourself and the water from pollutants and toxic chemicals. The best time save water since yesterday, the next best time is right now.

What are you doing to save water? Tell us in comments.

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