Why tear causing soap is good for your baby

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Very often, we hear from parents who are looking for ‘tear free’ soap for their baby. Their argument is – if your products are organic / natural, why do they hurt my baby’s eyes? This must imply that your products have chemicals. 

Foam-Born Baby

While this might sound like a valid assumption, the truth is quite the opposite. We are addressing this issue here in a simple question answer format for your easy reference:

My kid’s eyes burn with your soap!Is it normal?
Burning in the eyes due to any ‘natural’ soap is normal because of its pH level. Eyes are sensitive to pH.
How does pH effect my baby?
The pH of eyes is close to 7. The pH of skin and hair is 4.5 to 6. pH balance in soap and shampoo implies pH matching the pH of baby’s skin and hair, that is 4.5 to 6 (which is the pH in Rustic Art baby products.)
Hence, when the soap/shampoo come in contact with the eyes, the eyes react to the difference in pH and the baby feels irritation.
How do other companies have a ‘no more tear’ formula?
Many companies claim that their products cause ‘zero irritation’ in eyes. Which essentially means that they add synthetic surfactants to mask the irritation. This also implies that these synthetic surfactants also come in contact with the baby’s skin, hair and more importantly – eyes.  In fact, it is suggested that the babies use regular soaps and shampoos so that you know when the soap is getting into their eyes. A soap is not meant to come in contact with the eyes and if it does, you must wash it out with water. When a baby complains of irritation in the eye, you know that the soap has seeped into the eyes and you can rinse it immediately. With a ‘no more tear’ formula, you will never know if those synthetic soaps are sitting in your baby’s eyes. Incidentally – the pH of distilled water is 7 – same as that of eyes.