Out with bad hair days, hello summer hair!

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Changes in seasons affect our bodies in different ways and that includes summer working against that perfect mane. Since it is a dry season, summer has its cons, for which the hair takes a beating. Some of the most common problems faced during this season are:

1. Oily Scalp and Hair

The season is known for humidity and making our sweat glands hyper-active. A combination of these two or either of the reasons can single-handedly make your scalp oily, sweaty and greasy. It takes the life out of your hair and makes it oily too.

2. Dry Scalp and Hair

A season that brings two quite opposite issues together! You know it’s summer when your hair is getting oily and dry-out of control at the same time. Excessive heat snatches the natural moisture away, leaving the scalp dry and making hair unmanageable. And those split ends? Yes, blame it on the season!

3. Dandruff

Changing weather conditions can cause the onset of dandruff. Owing to dust and excessive heat or the exposure to it, dandruff pops up out of nowhere, leaving your scalp dry and itchy. Well, it is a visitor during all seasons and summer is no exception for some.

4. Hair Fall

Apparently, extreme weather conditions can lead to hair loss normal than average and tropical summers are on top of that list. The heat, coupled with pollution and dust are factors that can have adverse effects on the scalp and hair. These reasons are also responsible for thinning of hair and hair fall too.

5. Frizzy Hair

For those prone to the dark side of humidity and heat, the hair becomes absolutely unmanageable and frizzy, leading to bad hair days! Controlling frizzy hair is a task in itself and leaves the hair damaged to quite an extent.

So does Rustic Art have a solution?

Yes, we do! Sometimes the solution to most annoying problems are comparatively simpler than we think they are. A hair care routine throughout summer can be really helpful in keeping your scalp and hair healthy. Taking care of your mane is always a good idea and whatever the season, it should not be ignored. Based on our products, we suggest a thorough regime that can be followed to make your hair look cooler:

1. Coconut Oil

One of the best remedies, suggested since ancient times in India, for all sorts of hair problems is coconut oil. Rustic Art’s cold pressed, completely organic coconut oil provides you with the necessary nourishment and helps fight all hair related problems. Massage this oil gently onto the scalp and preferably, leave it overnight.

2. Pre-Shampoo Conditioner

Our pre-shampoo conditioner deeply nourishes the hair and locks in the necessary moisture, protecting the hair against damage. With ingredients like coconut butter, olive oil, shea butter, neem oil, avocado butter, brahmi oil and bhringraj oil to name a few, this conditioner makes hair healthy and strong. Apply this oil gently on scalp and hair, at least 15 minutes before washing your hair.

3. Aloe Shampoo

Our aloe shampoo is hand blended and is free of parabens. The combined magic of coconut, bermuda grass, wheat protein and aloe extract works wonders in strengthening hair, while making it shiny and bouncy. It’s not tear-free and you can find out here, why that is good for you. Since this is a concentrated extract, small amounts are enough to clean the hair.

4. Conditioner

Rustic Art’s hair conditioner is completely organic with the goodness of avocado butter, coconut milk and green tea. These elements deeply nourish the hair, leaving it bouncy and lustrous. It helps de-tangle the hair and protects them against damage.

This summer, let that hair down and party harder, without an inch of worry about bad hair days!

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3 thoughts on “Out with bad hair days, hello summer hair!”

  1. Love your post, informative and helpful. Summer really drys my hair, and I’m looking for ways to keep it my hair hydrated. One that caught my attention are oils, particularly coconut oil. I’ll be reading more about coconut oil to know what else it can give to my hair. Thank you for sharing.

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