Simple ways to live more sustainably & be #InSyncWithNature!

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Only half of this year has shown us how off sync we are as part of nature and now is the time to be #InSyncWithNature and inspire everyone around us to do the same. We at Rustic Art believe that collective action will create a ripple of positive change to restore the beauty and diversity of our beautiful nature! As a sustainable brand of all things essentials here are few simple steps that we all can follow.

  1. Create less waste, segregate, recycle, reuse and re-purpose.
  2. Be a conscious consumer.
  3. Be water wise.
  4. Go back to basics, buy local and unpacked groceries in repurposed bags.
  5. Follow #LessIsMore ideology.
  6. Use sustainable menstrual hygiene products like cloth pads & menstrual cups.
  7. Sustainability begins at birth. Use cloth diapers to raise our future generation.
  8. Take an account of your actions if they are creating a positive impact #ForNature.
  9. Measure your carbon footprint and take efforts to reduce it.
  10. Surround yourself with plants, trees, flower and nature & experience better well being.

We are blessed to be located close to one of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site – Kaas Plateau (KaasPathar) located in beautiful range of Shayadri in our home town of Satara, Maharashtra, India. Check out some natural beauty of Satara in images below.
It is our privilege to be inspired by the natural beauty and colours around us. Share your #InSyncWithNature moment with us in comments.
Making sustainable way of life a norm is most urgent need of time #ForNature

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