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Menstrual Cup Small (Only Cup)


  • ISO Certified 31485:2016
  • Size suitable for age below 30 or have not given birth.
  • Made of certified medical grade platinum silicone, colourless (non dyed)
  • The kit contains a cloth pouch to store your menstrual cup & user manual.


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  • ISO Certified 31485:2016
  • Rustic Art Menstrual Cup is a reusable sanitary wear, which collects the menstrual fluids, 25-30 ml at a time. It’s made out of medical grade silicone, which doesn’t react with the either the body, or the vaginal fluids. Since it goes entirely inside the vagina, the ease of body movements is at the maximum, making it a pit stop for most of the sportswomen.
  • It is smartly designed for most comfort and made in India (Satara, Maharashtra).
  • It saves pollution caused due to the disposable pads, saves luggage storage while traveling, saves money, removes the irritation, itch and foul smell caused by the disposable pads.
  • The cloth pouch is hand stitched by local women, providing them employment.
  • Rustic Art Menstrual Cup Wash! Now say good bye to odour, stains and …. with your portable sterilizing kit! It takes care of the maintenance of your cup for 2 years. Use it once before your period and once after for a menstrual cup as good as new. It is made with natural and non toxic ingredients. You can buy it here.
Shelf Life

No Expiry



Age Group

Above 18 years

  1. Watch informative video on how to use & care for menstrual cup.
  2. Made Safe guidelines.
  3. Ashmita Karnani talking about her experience on her YouTube channel Ashtrixx.
  4. Sustainable menstrual hygiene workshop by Project Amara.

To Use

how to use rustic art menstrual cup

how to use rustic art menstrual cup

  • Menstrual Cup Wash –
    1. Dissolve 1tsp powder in hot water & leave menstrual cup in it for up to an hours.
    2. Wash with clean water & dry.
    3.  Store in the cloth pouch.

More Details

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Manufacturer: Erina Eco Craft Pvt. Ltd.
  • Customer Care Executive:

1 review for Menstrual Cup Small (Only Cup)

  1. Shivanshi Goel

    It feels so comfortable, never going to switch back to sanitary napkins. Also since it is non-dye it’s great to usr this product! Thanks to rustic art for providing such a great experience

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