A must have for all women out there. for many including myself there was a lot of apprehension on how to use the silky cup. Believe you me, there is absolutely no complication on this. It is as simple as simple could be. No difficluties, no discomfiture. In an age where plastic menace is at its peak, we should all resort to anything that can even remotely contribute in clearing this man made mess. Silky cup is the way. Its easy to use, and clean. It is only when you start using the silky cup you reliase what a discomfort the sanitary pads were. 🙂

I really liked this cup because is big and soft enough to make sure there are no spills yet it is still comfortable to wear. Actually, I often forget I’m wearing it. The quality is excellent (I have tried other cups and this ​is my favorite by far). Ladies, I totally recommend this cup!

My experience with the cup has been really liberating. While it was a little daunting at first, not knowing how to place it inside and not being sure how and when it pops open….first time there were a few leaks..but luckily I was home and so no disaster resulted.

Now, 3 months later ..i feel confident and free.

I also feel a distinctive halo around my head…now I am part of the solution instead of the problem. No more creation of sanitary waste…no more bleached cotton tampons. No more plastic. Yup…definitely a halo around my head. 🙂

Best thing that happened was to get this as a prize…
Using it since 6 months now..
Wonderful product.
Easy n soft.

Nice and comfortable to use in reasonable price

S.No. Date Name Reviews Rating
1 January 15, 2016 Sweta Good
2 January 15, 2016 Ritika Nitesh Very nice product. It is my first step towards FREEDOM !
I am so relieved and relaxed throughout the day . Easy to use ! and very soft.
3 January 31, 2016 Neha Laddha excellent product !!! i dont have to worry any longer about the rashes, staining or odour. It makes my period days feel just as normal as any other day !!!
4 January 31, 2016 Tejashree Jahagirdar This has been a life changing product. Periods are now just like any other days! I can now swim, get wet in rains, go to water parks without worrying about anything. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use. Kudos to the Rustic Art team for coming up with such an amazing and super eco-friendly product.
5 February 21, 2016 Meghna Diwan Loved this product. It is very comfortable, easy to use and doesn’t even need to be changes as frequently as a sanitary napkin. Thank you Sunita ji for introducing me to it.
6 July 8, 2016 Rupa Karwa Best product… now no more irritation on perids days… thank you rustic art.
7 July 21, 2016 Uma Very nice product. Its a big relief. Referred my friends too and they did purchased it from here.

Thanks u

8 July 23, 2016 Priya Yes, i used the day it arrived itself. This is my first experience with cup, so can’t give a comparison. The size was perfect, no leakage, and easy inserting and removal. Using from last 5 months. At times I forget that I am on my menstruation
9 July 23, 2016 Mugdha Pardeshi Yes. But the cup is not sufficient for my kind of bleeding.
10 July 23, 2016 Meghaa Shah Using it for last 5 cycles… Periods doesn’t feel like period anymore.. Loving this lifestyle shift… No more leaking .. Itching…rashes and trickling feeling.. It’s so liberating.. Most importantly no avoiding white anytime of the month.
11 July 23, 2016 Tanya Kewalramani What I love about it is the capacity. Even on your first day you don’t have to take it out because it’s got so much capacity. It’s also very comfortable vs pad or vs tampon.
12 July 24, 2016 Kanika Mody Yes, it’s too too too gud, I almost forget I’m in my periods. It’s best of best n don’t think it needs to get better
13 August 3, 2016 Hardi Shah Yes I did
Though I experienced some leakage and I had to use panty liners from getting my clothes stained
Besides that it’s a wonderful product
I got a call from ur end to ask for reviews after my first cycle and explained my issue I tried inserting it as the way described by her in the second cycle but the problem still persisted
Would love it if the Lil spotting out side the cup would stop
Have recommended to a lot my cousins and friends !
Hope it works for others if not me
14 August 8, 2016 Vasundhara While trying to be as minimalistic as possible in leaving an environment footprint, I came across this product through a friend’s
recommendation. This is a big plus on being environment friendly. I am glad that I don’t cause more
damage to the environment by throwing disposable plastic liner pads like Whisper or Stayfree and the likes.
Although I don’t know how this silicone will be disposed – but at least it is not a per month disposal that
we should worry about!

If you are pro-environment, then the option is either a cloth pad or cup. The cup relieves a woman from
having to wash the cloth pad…so in fact, I think this is very useful everywhere – I wish we could make this
affordable to rural women and women in lower income group as well. Rs. 1000 while it is a cost that is recoverable
if we don’t buy the regular “Ultra” pads, it may be a little too much for a maid or a woman working as a cleaner.

Though the cup causes a little discomfort – esp towards the end of the cycle, continuing to use it.
A liner is needed on the “heavy” days.

The cloth pads supplied along with this cup could be made of softer cotton and the loops could be made tighter
to let the cloth pads fit snugly.

Overall a very useful product. Recommend every environment-conscious woman to consider this
lifestyle shift. As women, moving to env friendly periods is the little bit we could do to Mother Earth.

15 September 5, 2016 Nisha Laddha A very good product indeed.Using since last two years & very much satisfied.Got rid of mainly foul smelling problems.Is environment friendly & recommending to my friends as well.Cost reduction,if possible, would b a good correction.So that all class females can enjoy its benefits.
16 September 19, 2016 Puja Bhatia Initially I was scared using the cup but somehow I gathered the courage to use it. After using I really found it good. It’s easy to use, medically graded and eco friendly. Now I lead a rash free and napkin free life.Thanks Ritika for introducing me to it..
17 September 19, 2016 Perpetual I was apprehensive using one as I thought, it would consider discomfort and pain. But, with regular use I found it extremely comfortable, easy to use and stress free. ​I can sleep at night in peace without thinking of staining my bed covers. I can travel to office without without thinking and looking back at my clothes checking for stains.
​It was a challenge initially to use it. But, after 3-4 months of regular use and insertion techniques, I mastered the art.​
​I would recommend it highly to all women.
18 September 19, 2016 Prakruthi vinay very happy with the cup. Excellent buy for First time cup user
The various details of cup size and cervix size was just complex. Rustic art was easier and thankfully a well made choice.
Had very heavy flow. Hence experienced leakage on day one and two. But that was also getting used to wearing the cup correctly I suppose.
Would recommend to others.
Only thing I was unhappy was design of the cloth pads provided along. It was with removable inserts. Did not sit correctly in the strap provided on the pad. So have to order different one piece back up cloth pads for this cycle.
19 September 19, 2016 Reena Sharma Its comfortable but whenever I wore it I felt that my body temp rises, feel feverish n unwell. Could this be related to the cup. Otherwise its fantastic.
20 September 21, 2016 Pallavi Menstrual Cups are convenient and easy to use.
21 September 22, 2016 Priyanka Murarka It’s a must buy for every woman and girl with all the means….I hv been using it since four months and extremely happy with it
22 September 23, 2016 Veena Angadi My sister Dr.Lata spoke & encouraged me to use SMI. I ordered the Rustic Art cup which I received 2 days back before my cycle. Using it successfully with no problems.I am so thankful to her for introducing menstrual cup to me. Its easy to use, very convenient, hassle free & feels clean too.
23 September 23, 2016 Shruthi Chaudhri Very good experience. No fuss at all.
24 September 23, 2016 Mansi Shah Rustic art has been doing a fabulous job by helping women get an easy acess to menstural cups. These cups are easy to use , and are very hygenic. It has helped me a lot during my working hours. Now my periods dont stop me from doing anything, not even swimming. It is very eco friendly. It is surely worth giving a try.
25 September 29, 2016 Shruthi Khan It’s a good feeling to use it and convenient than pads.
It needs a bit of practice to fit it with no leaks.
Easy to carry, easy to clean, feels more hygienic.
Pricing is a bit high otherwise a very good product.
It’s not suitable for everyone so consult your gynecologist
26 October 12, 2016 Nicole Jane Zambrana I love my menstrual cup! I was searching online for a vegan-friendly cup and happened to find your website. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service and quality of the products! So refreshing to find a company that cares equally about its customers and the planet as a whole. I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know!
27 October 15, 2016 Prerna Sinha The best feature is that it is reusable and environmental friendly. A plus over tampon along with the fact that it can be used during swimming. I still am getting used to inserting and feel a little discomfort in the process.
28 December 05, 2016 Rohini Ishira Fernandes The cup is super easy to use once you get the hang of it and is so comfortable to wear all day. once you try it you would never wanna go back to using tampons or pads!.
29 December 09, 2016 Komal Dhingra It’s the best cup available . I was using a different brand for almost a year and was having leakages on the first day during every cycle. It was very frustrating. But after switching to rustic art cup, haven’t faced any leakage . I have used it for 3 cycles already. I am a happy cup user now. ☺
30 December 10, 2016 Geethu Unnikrishnan Game changer ! Didn’t feel a thing. No leaks. No discomfort. Once you practice putting in and pulling out the cup it’s super smooth. No worries about disposal too.
31 December 10, 2016 Meenu Agarwal very happy with this felt like how ignorant I was for not knowing abt this before.v very comfortable,no leakage and best part no wastage .I think every women should shift.i have shifted my 3 cousins already.
32 December 10, 2016 Prathybha Karthikeyan I trusted the cup, as it was trusted by many other women. Recommending to others as well. Proud that I made a lifestyle shift.
33 December 10, 2016 Shruthi Ravikumar the feeling just can’t be described. “Liberating” is the word. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me, hygiene wise. Being a doctor, I will recommend it to anyone who wants to make the world a better place, make life less complicated and above all, turn the week of discomfort to liberation.
34 December 10, 2016 Sudha Sunil Extremely useful, never thought using one would be so easy. Would recommend girls to definitely give it a try👍🏼
35 December 10, 2016 Ritu Gorai Menstrual Cups helps prevent odour, itching & infection. I am glad I don’t have to make others pick on those soiled pads anymore & keep our mother earth clean. What more, it is super easy on the pocket. 1 cup for lifetime!!!
36 December 11, 2016 Priya Agarwal I am happy with the product
37 December 11, 2016 Nidhi Musaddi Outstanding product, personally got at least 10 women to convert to the cup
No stinky pads, no rashes, no disposal
38 December 11, 2016 Dhivya Savithri D Rustic art menstrual cup is the first cup I ordered when I decided to go for cups. As the box says, switching to cups is a major lifecycle shift. I am happy that I made this shift with the right product. The Rustic Art cup is soft and so comfortable that sometimes I even forget that I am on my periods. I applaud the effort of Rustic Art to provide us all with such a quality product at an affordable price. The maintenance of the cup is also very easy. It is indeed my friend forever.
39 December 11, 2016 Rashmi S D its very comfortable once u r used to it.. But it takes long time to get used to it. Sometimes it starts leaking as it was not inserted properly.. So some kind of tension will always b there..But slowly m getting used to it and i always tell my friends about this n to use this.. I feel this should be encouraged.
40 December 11, 2016 SHILPA Pai Excellent product. I felt as though I was not having a period. Very easy to use and clean too. I am now recommending all my friends and relatives to switch over to menstrual cup. Thank you Rustic Art. I am feeling very proud to use your brand because it is very soft and comfortable
41 December 11, 2016 Aruna Dhoble Its very user friendly ..after using this I have forgotten the discomfort of sanitary napkin.above all the satisfaction that you are contributing to Mother Earth by using it …
42 December 11, 2016 Pushpa Helwade It is good. I used it once. The edges are hard. Can be made soft? While inserting it’s painful. Other wise it good to have a cup. Really good option.
43 December 12, 2016 Gayathri jitesh Lovely…liberated from monthly issues
44 December 12, 2016 Mrs.Jigna Shah The best change I could bring is using this cup. Now I need not to search places to throw used pads, I’m rashfree, stain free, I can sleep in any position I want, I would highly recommend n encourage womens to bring this change in their lives.
45 December 12, 2016 Meghana The best change I could bring is using this cup. Now I need not to search places to throw used pads, I’m rashfree, stain free, I can sleep in any position I want, I would highly recommend n encourage womens to bring this change in their lives.Kinda late in life for me personally, approaching 40 😛 but as they say, jab jaago tab savera.
This one was on my mind for a while; and I’m glad to have made the switch.
Body-friendly, non allergenic silicone material- confirms to body contours
Easy to use, sterilize and store- you get a detailed instruction sheet that I swear you will need to refer to only before first use…it’s easy as pie (no pun intended)
Can be kept in for 8-12 hours
Lasts for life
Nights are soooooo much better. You don’t feel a thing.

Cons: Really, none. Unless you count the initial trepidation which is normal.

46 December 14, 2016 Rosy Arora This is amazing product, very convenient to use , mess free, and easy to use. I will recommend all women to use this product.
47 December 15, 2016 Sneha Hegadi So I was aware of menstrual cups for a year now. But never ever felt of going ahead and using one… But then u see people raving about it and obviously get intrigued. I just thought to give it a try…. Am am so glad I did!
I had got it delivered to my parents place… My mother’s expression was priceless😂
They say in the usage manual to try dry runs… I did.. Wasn’t comfortable… Struggled to insert the cup. I just gave up. I used it again during my periods. It wasn’t so painful now…I used punched down method, though I didnt feel any popup… I thought I had got it right. No leaks no stains no discomfort…
And the cloth pads that came along were grt too.
To those who are still thinking to buy one just go ahead.. This will be ur best investment.
48 December 16, 2016 Dr. Shruthi Khan pros: A comfortable product. Once placed cannot be felt. Easy to use. Feels clean. Easy to sterilize. 100% better than pads.
Cons: During heavy flow days u need to keep removing and placing back often. Needs practice. It leaks if not placed properly.Please consult your gynecologist for use.Choosing d size may be difficult for few.
49 January 8, 2017 Gargee Vasavada Ever since realising the will to live a waste-free life, I shudder to think about the waste I have generated all these years. And then to purchase this absolutely liberating product feels like scoring an ace in the most difficult of exams! I cannot get over how efficient this cup is. I look forward to guilt-free, worry-free cycles and to teaching my daughter the same!.
50 January 8, 2017 Ann treesa I have found the cup to be a relief. Yes all the benefits you mentioned on your website and the user manual/ instructions i agree with them 100%. The cup being environment friendly was the best. I have been using the cup for 2 months now. The insertion and removal of the cup is taking me a while. But i am seeing myself getting skilled at it over time
51 January 21, 2017 Asmita Kadam The cup is easy to insert and there is absolutely no chance of leakage if you re-insert every 10-12hours. I have never slept so comfortably during my periods. Its a must have . I am very happy with the product.
52 January 27, 2017 Mahima Best thing to have happened in my life since anything ever. This cup has made me hate periods a lot less. I encourage all women to try this at least once because that’s all the attempt you’ll need. You will never go back to pads or even tampons.
53 April 5, 2017 Sudha Nair I bought my Menstrual cup from Rustic art about 6 months back. I was very sceptical about buying a menstrual cup but after reading a lot of reviews, zeroed in on this one. This has been my best buy ever! Periods are no longer about smelly soaked sanitary napkins, but more about clean and hygienic cup. I did take about 2 cycles to get used to the cup. But for the last 4 months I have been using it without a single issue. Thank you Rustic Art.
54 April 6, 2017 Ami Gupta High quality and well made product. Makes one socially responsible by protecting the environment and maintaining hygiene. If they had a rating of 10, i would give that! Thank you rustic art for making this product available at such a reasonable price.
55 April 6, 2017 Madhu Narayanan cup vs tampon: a tampon is absorbent, but the cup is only a collector – this primarily means it does not alter the environment within the vagina at all. in terms of experience, any discomfort with insertion and removal of a tampon as well as the excessive dryness that took a couple of days after a period to recover from are now a thing of the past. an added benefit is the longer staying power of the cup as compared to the most absorbent tampon out there – easily double! with a tampon i always wore a pad as insurance, now i dont have this irritant as well. freedom indeed.

cup vs pad: it is even hard for me to write this comparison as the experience is orders of magnitude different. a pad is on the outside and so there are problems of keeping in place, absorption not keeping pace with flow at critical times like with a clot or when standing up after prolonged sitting, smell, chafing (extreme skin stripping in the case of the dry cover ones!), stains, backache – a portion of which i later learnt was due to the slight alteration of stance, seating position and gait due to this physical object. most of these except for the stains were also mitigated by the tampon, though

what one cannot imagine with a cup is the honest possibility of forgetting you are on your period at all. once in, it will be at least 6 hours before you have to worry about leaks – for medium heavy flow (6 – 8 maxi gel pads in 24 hours). i also suspect that the very fact that this object which is larger than a tampon is in there helps with the worst of the cramps, though i cannot be sure. the feeling of being comfortable and being environmentally responsible is simply priceless.

now the rustic art cup is even better than your standard cup because it is soft and pliant and so insertion is easier and once placed correctly, you absolutely do not feel a thing. it has a nice short stem with grooves which make it easy to grab for removal while still not being felt when in place. being soft, removal is also less accident prone as the removal is gentle and not sudden. the cup is colourless so for those of us who obsess over visible results of the cleaning, it is a relief. it can get a little tinted with use, but i still am assured that it is clean, so i personally am not tempted to bleach it in the sun or with vinegar. there’s a no fuss cloth pouch that comes with the cup and a pack of fragrance free soap strips to use in the cleaning. the package also had a couple of cloth pads, intended for low flow days i guess, but i never used them. i use the cup even on the absolute last day of the period until i see clear discharge in it.

56 April 9, 2017 Sweta Agrawal Jain So here I am, the same me, who was skeptical about cupverting , due to my OCD, the same me who had so many doubts, the same me who bought the cup believing that I am just wasting money, I won’t be able to use it ever, the same me who thought it would be gross & icky & the same me who today on Day 3, has already started messaging friends & asking them to cupvert.😀😀
So what happened? This group happened, the beautiful people who patiently answered all my doubts happened , #Rusticart happened & Ritika Nitesh happened.
I am so so grateful to all of you for helping me cupvert, your answers to my queries built my confidence to try it & I bought a rustic art large cup. Then I spoke to Ritika, I must say, she is such a patient Soul, I pinged her n she called me, explained everything so nicely, that I didn’t need any YouTube video, also assured me to call her any hour of day, whenever need be. I haven’t seen any more supportive brand, in any of my shopping till date.
So I was able to insert it right after 3 trials & woohoo, no leaks. I had some difficulty as I wasn’t leaving the fold & cup wasn’t opening in 1 trial but 2nd or 3rd time, it was easy. Now on Day 3, I hardly need 5 min to empty cup, clean n put again.
57 April 10, 2017 Swati Doshi I have started using the menstrual cup since the last 6 months and have been extremely satisfied with the product. I no longer have to deal with sanitary napkins, their disposal and the smell associated with it. Also it is easy to carry, use and maintain by simply sterilizing it after the monthly use. I sometimes forget the i am having my periods as it is so clean!
58 April 11, 2017 Reena Sharma The menstrual cup is very comfortable and handy to even carry while traveling. It has made difference to period experience for sure.It feels good that I am not contributing to so much of waste every month. It feels hygienic and I definitely recommend it strongly.
59 April 15, 2017 Mitalee I recently moved to cup, haven’t tried any other cup but i feel absolutely no need to try any other cup as i have found what i need. Best shift ever and i cannot thank rustic art ladies enough for helping me out in the initial struggle days. It would definitely have been a struggle if i was not promptly helped by Ritika Nitesh. A million thanks to her.
60 June 15, 2017 Sonali More Just wanted to let you know that I have been using the menstrual cup for abt 2-3 months. I am extremely happy with it. Having good nights sleep and also able to run behind kids
61 June 15, 2017 Deepa Manchanda Thanku moms for introducing me to menstrual cup. These 5 days were always very very stressful- pads, stains etc etc and with travel these days were nightmare– BUT with this magic cup these 5 days were amazing days – NO tension, No stain, No pads – and on top of that it feels like not menstruating at all 😂. Thanks Sunita Jaju for helping in getting it delivered quickly.
62 June 15, 2017 Jyoti Khandelwal I would like to thank you sincerely to have introduced me this marvellous product of Rustic Art – “Menstrual Cup”. While I had earlier come across articles on this, I never really gave it a thought until you came my way and told me how environment friendly and much more better is this alternative. It has completely changed the way I looked at monthly periods and now I will be strongly recommending it within my social circle.
Thank you once again.
63 July 4, 2017 Rashmi SG I am extremely happy with the cup. Its been a year exactly. Got it on 30th June 2016. Was afraid in the beginning, now m a very satisfying and a happy cupper.
64 July 4, 2017 Priyanka Borpujari I was really nervous about my first cup, but am glad I ordered Rustic Art. More than anything else, Ritika made me feel at ease over the phone, when I was not comfortable wearing it on day 1. I am thankful that she guided me over the phone, which has made my cup wearing experience very smooth.
65 July 4, 2017 Samata Upadrasta I started using the cup. For the first two months, it was a little clumsy. Once I got used to it, I started feeling great and wondered why I wasn’t using it all through these years. I encourage all the women to start using it for an easy, clean and green period.
67 July 4, 2017 Krish The person I bought it for is happy with the product. It took her just a couple of days to experiment with and begin using it. Please don’t reject the idea of using a cup without giving it a try.
68 July 4, 2017 Gyana Geetha I can dance in the monsoon rains
I am liberated… back to my childhood days again

I can walk on the beach and have the pleasure of waves drenching me from head to toe any day of the month.
I can get rid of my guilt of burdening mother earth and adding to the height of garbage mountains! I am going back to my roots and touching my very Indian Essence. Such is the power of Rustic Art Menstrual cup!

Definitely a lifestyle shift that I would recommend for every woman who wishes for peak performance any day and every day.
Travelling long distances have become easier and there is freedom from skin ailments. It is a sustainable and eco friendly alternative to Sanitary solutions that have been around till now.

Rustic Art Menstrual cup is meant for the Multitasking woman in me, the athlete in me and the dancer in me. I am proud to be a part of this lifestyle revolution.

69 July 4, 2017 Soujanya Garimella The menstrual cup is really comfortable to use. I bid my good byes to spills and cramps. I highly recommend it.
70 July 7, 2017 Preeti Girish It is one of the excellent product I have ever used. It is comfortable and hygienic with zero maintenance. Thank you for helping in the days where I need at most care….
71 July 17, 2017 Swapna Sawant Life has changed forever… simply luv the product…
72 September 18, 2017 Dimple Amesar This is a long pending review from my end. With a lot of hesitation, i started using Rustic Art menstrual cup – small size since Feb 2017. The cup has been always soft and fresh and new as it was on the first day. I did face leak issues due to improper usage, but hats off to the customer support team who have alwas stood by me and helped me with worst of my queries. I am now a happy user of Rustic Art and i couldnt have found a better cup. I did try a brand earlier which was too hard to open up. This isnt the case with Rustic Art.
Kudos to the team and thank you so much for all the help. Never thought i would be happily cupverted. I highly recommend this cup to my friends .
73 October 9, 2017 Utkarshini Khanna Life changing invention! I wish this existed when I was a teenager. It makes me forget that I am menstruating!! I’ll be reviewing it on my instagram page in December in my post about the top feminine hygiene products of the year along with the new Gillette venus breeze 🙂
74 October 9, 2017 Shweta Tapsi Rustic Art Menstrual Cup- it’s the new name of freedom. Freedom from every imaginable period problem. It’s become my new best friend. And Rustic Art is just perfect. Soft ,yet firm. Capacity is good too, for heavy bleeders like me. Go for it.
75 October 9, 2017 Ravichandra happiest period ever with the rustic art cup.
76 October 9, 2017 Preethika GN It’s good and works well for me. The only negative feedback from my end is the size. For the kind of flow I have, which I thought was normal until the I used Rustic, it fills pretty fast on the second and third (heavy flow) days. A little bigger would have been great as I needn’t be worried (in under 5 hours) to be near a place to do the quick cleaning ritual.
77 October 10, 2017 Rajani Mathews I was introduced to the menstrual cup by a friend in June 2017.

It has been a life changing experience for me as i have had seamless traveling during my menstruation and felt normal every time while in the Flight/sea or a swimming pool without having to worry about the situation.

Moreover it has helped me save so much on the sanitary napkin and avoiding sanitary waste.

I feel good being able to give it back to the environment by not disposing the non decomposing waste.

78 October 10, 2017 Rajani Mathews Learning to use menstrual cup was a meditating experience..
79 October 10, 2017 Runu Medhi
80 October 10, 2017 Pooja Mishra zero waste and so convenient.
81 October 10, 2017 Geetika Chhabra excellent product, liberating!!!
82 October 10, 2017 smithamallya I am 47 now, have had very heavy periods for the past 3-4 years
and was very concerned about the environmental impact number of the pads I was
disposing of every month, sometimes as many as 40 heavy duty pads.
Using the menstrual cup drastically reduced the number of pads to about 10 per
month. But I must say that the frequent care needed to the empty the
menstrual cup required access to a proper bathroom and plenty of water for
washing up; at least 8 times on my heavy days. Handling the cup and
menstrual fluid is also not for the faint hearted. I also experienced
pain while pulling the cup out if it was a tad too full; not to mention the mess
of blood spillage…… It made me wonder how women in rural India or
in poorer urban situations where access to private bathroom facilities and
water is very limited, would be able to use the menstrual cup. Having
said all this though, in my particular situation, I would still use the
menstrual cup for its huge reduction of pads and tampons
83 October 10, 2017 Shailaja VinothKumar I’m a recent cupvert and while searching for my first cup had great confusion. But choose rustic art seeing the reviews and I was really excited, it turned out to be fantastic choice.
They delivered in a nice package and loved their cloth pouch. Used for my first cycle and I never felt better on a periods day. Thanks alot rustic art 🙂
84 October 10, 2017 Abinaya Uppili
85 October 12, 2017 Basreena Basheer
86 October 12, 2017 neus gimeno gimeno
87 October 16, 2017 Deepa Subramanian
88 November 01, 2017 Jaspreet
89 November 27, 2017 rupali sancheti
90 January 17, 2018 D. Manisha