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No more excuses, menstrual cups are here!

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The arrival of our monthly visitor is like that unwanted guest who you simply cannot avoid! The apprehension starts taking women down a few days in advance in worry of how tasks for the next week will be handled. Your exercise routine, a planned travel (with an unexpected period date) and, well, you know the deal. For us women, menstruation dampens all the spirit with the irritability that sanitary napkins bring along. We weigh and plan activities around this week, probably missing out on a few favourite things we love to do.

The good news is, we have an antidote to handling this natural process in a much better way – the menstrual cup!

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A menstrual cup is made from body friendly silicone which is medically approved and is the same material that is used in surgeries. The cup, all of 7cms, seems like too big to be inserted but you’ll be surprised at how accommodating our body is! The basic fundamental of the cup is staying inside by creating a vacuum or suction and that is what keeps it put (really well). The cup collects menstrual blood with no bloody mess on the outside, which is a complete win-win situation.

So how does all this help, in any way? The menstrual cup is a bliss for women who love activities and don’t want to be let down by daily chores when on periods. The cup is your ticket to freedom when it comes to:

1) Travelling

We can imagine the cloud of concern that hovers over you when there’s a trip planned around your dates (or unexpected dates!). Right from carrying (read hiding) sanitary napkins, changing and disposing it off – everything is a strategy chalked out in your head. With cups, it’s a breezy process that can be inclusive of all those activities that you probably avoid on a trip, for the fear of spotting or the simple irritation of napkins.

Menstrual cups are fairly simple to carry, insert and remove. The only fact you need to prioritise is hygiene while inserting/removing it. Whether it’s taking a dip in the ocean or getting that adrenaline rush high, cups will let you free!

2) Exercising

A week off from exercise during menstruation? Not anymore, literally no excuses! Swimming, running, cycling – you name it, and we say it’s absolutely possible. The biggest advantage that the cup provides is of being able to stay inside for a stretch of 8-10 hours, except on heavy flow days. With a long stretch-worry out of your head, cups help you focus better on your health this way.

3) Daily Chores

Daily chores seem like too much to do with that itchy-wet feeling and the idea of seeing blood in between. But as we have been repeatedly mentioning, sanitary napkins are quite responsible for the irritation during this time. With a cup, the only reminder of periods will be the cramps and if not that as well, it’s like any other normal day, isn’t it?

4) Stay-At- Home Women

Home is where lies a whole lot of work and there’s just no stopping at anything. In fact, homely chores require strength and the will to keep moving without any pauses. But this will takes a u-turn once menstruation rings that bell! Or does it? Menstrual cups are a convenient option that can help you handle homely tasks without any glitch. And you can always take rest when the pain comes calling!

Life should go on as normally as possible for menstruation is a natural process for women. It should not have to be ‘dealt-with’. Switching to cups is just the right answer to welcome this monthly visitor!

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