Little Laundry – A Natural, Harmless Way to Clean Your Child’s Clothes

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“Children are the birth of a parent” they say, and if you’re a parent reading this, you know it to

be true. Right from what your child should wear to the products being used for his/her well-

being, everything has to be scrutinised thoroughly before it is labelled ‘tested ok’!

Buying clothes for your baby is a matter of comfort and there are no compromises in that area.

But maintaining those clothes to the level of same warmth is another one of your concerns.

While baby products are an obvious choice, have you ever wondered what all goes into it?

Chlorine, enzymes, optical brighteners, fabric softeners and foam boosters are the basic

“ingredients” that make your fabric so lovable. If you give it a close thought, none of these are

doing good to your child. All of these have adverse effects on the skin and can have damaging

consequences in the long run.

We don’t mean to scare anybody but yes, when you have an option to let go of chemical-based

products, why not give it a try (at least)? Organic products are not new-age ones, as many

might think. In fact, it is a lifestyle that was practiced way before western influences. Ancestral

Indian lifestyle recommends the usage of indigenous herbs and plants for practically any and

everything, including laundry. The basic fundamental is using natural produce which applies to

the ingredients of organic products now. And of course, you want to know what we hold up in

our sleeve, don’t you?

Natural Little Laundry Powder from Rustic Art:

1. Natural Ingredients

The ingredients of our little laundry include neem powder and natural lemon extract. It

ensure that fabrics are thoroughly cleaned, there is no damage to baby clothes and

emanates natural fragrance of lemons. The powder is handmade and packed in

degradable plastic, thus ensuring optimum sustainability.

2. Soft on Clothes and Skin

The use of neem and lemon in our powder assures that baby clothes stay soft and

chemical free, which in turn does not affect your baby’s skin. There is no damage to the

fabrics and your child will stay absolutely comfortable, even after repeatedly washing

these clothes.

3. No Harmful Elements

Rustic Art’s Little Laundry Powder is chlorine free, has no artificial brighteners,

fragrance, bleach, enzymes, foam booster and fabric softener. Also, using just about 1-

1.5 tbsp of powder for one load does a perfect job of cleaning baby clothes; which

means that ½ kg to 1 kg of this powder will last you for quite a long time.

Make the organic switch one time and we assure you, there’s no turning back!

10 thoughts on “Little Laundry – A Natural, Harmless Way to Clean Your Child’s Clothes”

  1. It looks really cool and very simple. Will definitely try these things. Thank you so much for the beautiful article Rustic Art. Looking forward to more beautiful articles. Regards

  2. It is so important to make the right choices when it comes to the health of your baby. This seems like a perfect option for doing laundry and the best part it is environment friendly too. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

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