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My Complete Hair Care Routine with Rustic Art by Jhelum Vala

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How I tackle my dandruff prone scalp, normal hair to maintain good volume & texture? @Jhelum-Vala (@innocuous_beauty_routine)


  1. Nourishing Hair Oil with richness of Brahmi and Moringa
    This Hair oil doesn’t have any nasties like mineral oils, synthetic dyes or perfumes & made with such blend of amazing oils like sesame, black cumin, almond, jojoba, rosemary, etc. This hair oil doesn’t have thick consistency so it can be spread all over scalp & hair length so easily. It has refreshing, calming & earthy smell of cedar wood & rosemary which isn’t overpowering at all.
    I oil my hair once a week. I take 1 & half Tbsp & then gently massage with this hair oil before 1-2 hour of washing my hair. Less is more so Don’t overdo with hair oils. If you’re targeting any hair issues like hair fall then you must be consistent with any product you start with cause it may take longer time as only hair oil can’t help to reduce hair fall, it takes diet, lifestyle, mental health, hair care habits etc
    (Yet to Post Detailed review of it)
    Tip- Do a hot towel treatment after applying this hair oil which is really beneficial & works really well to build a good hair health.


  1. Neem Tulsi Hair Cleansing Bar enriched with Detoxifying Activated Charcoal
    This is made with organic & safe ingredients. It has no Sulphates, paraben or silicone into it. It is soap free & vegan 🌱
    This has literally a fragrance of Neem & Tulsi which is so obvious🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I do my first wash with this cleansing bar, It lathers really well & yet doesn’t dry out my hair at all. It removes oil & cleanse hair very well. This bar is really going to last you for so long. It’s help to treat dandruff prone/oily scalp.
    (Yet to Post Detailed review of it)
  2. Cinnamon Rosemary Shampoo Butter (Read my detailed review here)
    If you are following me since long you must be knowing that this is my favourite product. I love this beautiful innovative product that is called Shampoo Butter.
    This variant is great for itchy/dandruff prone/oily scalp. Again It has also a fragrance of hero ingredients such as cinnamon & rosemary as the name suggests🤭
    I use this shampoo butter in my 2nd wash to remove any leftover oil. This one is also lathers well & again this doesn’t dry out hair after washing & I personally don’t feel to apply conditioner after using this one. If you consistently keep using this one you will notice a difference in your hair texture & scalp health. This is gem product & I talked about this one enough so Please check my detailed review for more information.

💆🏻‍♀️Post Shampoo:

  1. Hair Detangling Fluid (Urban defence hair serum concentrate) enriched with vitamin F
    This is one of the best hair serum I ever used. It is made of 12+ Certified organic active ingredients with no water into it. It has everything which can help to make hair healthier. It controls damage & frizziness & adds gloss. I personally love the way this smells😻 It has a fragrance of geranium if I’m not guessing it wrong🤭
    This hair fluid has non-sticky, non-greasy texture which glides easily I mean its not thick so application becomes easy.
    I love this formulation so much, for getting desired results again you need to be consistent with usage.
    I use oils before washing & serums after washing so I really don’t feel need to apply any conditioner🤷🏻‍♀️ (Yet to Post Detailed Review)

For any product to work, it may take some time so remember consistency is the key.

That’s it. It was all about my hair care routine with RusticArt. First published on my instagram blog. Follow me if you like my content.

My Hair Care Routine by Jhelum Vala

About Author: Jhelum Vala lives in Ahmadabad, Gujrat. She is a CA final student & works as a GST assistant with a CA Firm. She has been reviewing and blogging skin care, hair care, lifestyle as a hobby. “My only intent is to encourage non-toxic beauty regime”, quotes Jhelum. She loves lip balms & nail colours and dislikes anything toxic!

Disclaimer: Views expressed are of author’s own and is not sponsored by brand! Author has consented for use of their content.

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