Make dry hair manageable with these 3 simple steps!

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We all know the hair woes that dry hair brings with it, hmpf! Frizzy, unmanageable (we mean all over the place) and rough in texture – dryness in hair is a spoiler. To top it all, the texture marrs the chances of having a good hair day and the one thing you probably do every morning is to check and presume how good or bad the hair day is going to be!
The main cause of dry hair is of course, lack of moisture in the scalp. Other reasons could be extreme weather conditions affecting the hair and excess use of chemical based products. A few right steps and switching to organic products might just be the solution to toss all those apprehensions away.
Here is a routine suggested by us, using Rustic Art products to help manage that dry hair!

1. Hair Oil

A hair oil is essentially used to provide nutrition to the scalp and hair. A gentle massage is deeply nourishing and stimulates hair growth. Our hair oil is suitable for all hair types and is a concoction of turmeric, mimosa, amla, neem, hibiscus, brahmi, fenugreek and a lot more hair-friendly medicinal herbs. This oil is also helpful in reducing hairfall, controlling dandruff and for relief from migraine, stress and headache. Best results appear when left overnight.

2. Herbal Shampoo

Our herbal shampoo is loaded with the goodness of wild rose and geranium essential oils along with wheat protein. All these magical ingredients help promote hair growth, keep the scalp hydrated and ensure the right balance of oil on the scalp. Necessary elements packed into one shampoo!

3. Conditioner

With ingredients like coconut milk, avocado butter and green tea, our conditioner detangles and protects the hair against damage. Providing the hair with necessary nourishment, this conditioner makes the hair healthy, strong and gives them a smooth texture bringing out bouncy and lustrous hair.

The next time you wake up to check on your mane, we’re pretty sure about that good hair day!

2 thoughts on “Make dry hair manageable with these 3 simple steps!”

  1. Thank you for sharing these Hair growth step tips in such an exhaustive manner. I will definitely try them out. Keep posting more! I will keep checking your posts for more tips.

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