Leave your clothes in Mother Nature’s care

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Would you ever imagine the ‘bad vs good’ in a product when doing an everyday chore like laundry? If not, you need to think again.

The bad we’re talking about here is the detergents and soaps that seem to be absolutely fine on the outside, but mostly, are quite opposite to being fine on the inside. Claims like removing the toughest of stains to being able to make your clothes stark white are backed by the use of more chemicals. After all, why does one need power granules in a detergent?

Chemical based products can never be fully compatible with the environment, and the same goes for its usage – probably not compatible with your skin. So what kind of chemicals go into your detergents? Parabens, chlorine, benzene and SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are some of the most common ones. These are what make your clothes clean, with chances of leaving small amounts back in the clothes. Needless to say, these can interact with the skin and leave you with consequences that are not so pretty.

When organic products that are much more friendlier for your clothes and your skin exist, wouldn’t you want to give it a try? And yes, Rustic Art has a solution for this – Natural Power Laundry and Biodegradable Bio Laundry Soap.

Getting straight to the point of why organic products are better, here are the pros of our Natural Power Laundry and Biodegradable Bio Laundry Soap:

1) No chemical based brighteners, bleach, fragrance boosters, enzymes or fabric softeners.
2) Natural neem powder that acts as a cleansing agent for clothes.
3) Natural lemon extract that extends its fragrance to your clothes.
4) Eco-friendly packaging, completely handmade and free of harsh-synthetic chemicals.
5) A small amount of our powder (1.5 to 2 tbsp) is enough for one load. Being organic in nature, the powder and the soap have pure extracts which is why less amounts work.
6) Not harsh on the skin and clothes.

Laundry products that are closer to nature, good for your clothes and better for you!

4 thoughts on “Leave your clothes in Mother Nature’s care”

  1. HI
    How many scoops should I use fro 6kg top load washing machine..

    I have bought the natural laundry detergent.

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