Fighting dandruff is just a few drops away!

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Dandruff is an uninvited guest that nobody wants to entertain in any season. Flaky scalp and itchiness are mood spoilers and of course, bad for the hair too. Dandruff is caused by faster shedding of skin cells than what is normal. The causes can be various including psoriasis, stress, skin conditions and more. In most cases, it is none of these but simple ones like unsuitable hair products, dry skin, accumulated grease and the likes.

This is when you should resort to using organic, natural products to eliminate the chances of reactions due to chemicals. One step closer to nature is two steps closer to health, right? Rustic Art’s simple products and a hair care routine can help you deal with dandruff in a much better way. Here’s how:

1. Hair Therapy Gel
Rustic Art’s organic hair therapy gel has the goodness of aloe vera, tea tree, vitamin E and uses natural preservatives for a product that is completely organic and vegan. Aloe vera is known for its antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It also helps retain moisture and hence, proves useful in dandruff treatments. The gel is effective in preventing dandruff while also being able to treat itchy scalp due to the same; apart from being helpful in conditions like head lice, psoriasis, baldness and cradle cap. Our gel helps promote hair pigmentation, repairs clogged hair follicles and aids shiny-bouncy hair.

2. Nourishing Hair Oil
Traditional hair oil massage and leaving it overnight has been advised since many years by grandmothers and mothers alike. Fenugreek, henna, sesame oil, hibiscus, curry leaves, amla and bhringraj are just a few ingredients that have been applied for better hair since times immemorial. Our organic hair oil is an amalgam of these and a lot more ingredients with deep nourishing properties. This oil is suitable for all hair types and regular massages help cure dandruff overtime.

3. Herbal Shampoo
Cleaning your scalp is an essential when it comes to dandruff as accumulation of hair follicles can be one of the reasons for it. Rustic Art’s herbal shampoo helps clean the scalp well with ingredients like wheat protein and wild rose, that also strengthen your hair.

4. Conditioner
Deeply nourishing conditioner that helps hair stay healthy while providing strength to the roots. With favourable ingredients like avocado butter, coconut milk and green tea, this conditioner detangles and protects the hair against damage, making it bouncy and lustrous.

No more itchy scalp and greasy hair, dandruff prevention and control is now quite easy!

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