What is the difference between Organic, Natural, Herbal and Ayurveda?

What is the difference between Laundry Powder and known detergents?

What is the role of Sud (Foam / Lather)in the product?

It is a common perception among consumers that more the detergent, shampoo or soap foams, higher the cleansing property. In reality, suds has no role in cleansing. The foaming synthetic agents are added to the products only for consumer satisfaction. It may also help in easy movement of hands on fabric or body/hair. Advertisements play a very big role in building these perceptions among the mass.

How to identify certified organic products?

Organic products and natural claiming products look alike but unlike natural products, which can be claimed natural even with small percentage os natural ingredients in it, in organic products 72% plus ingredients are certified organic and rest are natural.

Why aren’t tear-free products recommended for babies?

How is Rustic Art different from other brands?

Rustic Art is passionate about all that is closer to nature, products which do not harm the ecology as well as human beings or any other creature. Rustic Art also believes in saving resources wherever possible hence all the products are handmade and hand packed. We employ female both skilled and unskilled and try to provide financial independence among rural females. We care for each and every creature and value their life. Hence we do not use any animal ingredients. All Rustic Art products are vegan and PETA Certified.

What is the difference between soaps and commercial bathing bars?

Difference between organic oils and essential oils

Organic Oils in our ingredient list mean the base oils which form the core ingredients of RA products. These include carrier oils line Coconut, Neem, Castor, Sunflower, Corn etc.
Essential oils are critical extracts of herbs & flowers and used in very small quantity.

What is the use of Sodium Lye in Soaps?

Real soaps are made with lye, water and oils. If there is no lye in your soap, it is a detergent. No lye remains after complete saponification process. Rustic Art soaps are made with natural cold process method where no heat is used at any stage of soap making. As these are cold process soap, they need to be dried naturally for 3-4 weeks before packing and dispatching them in market.

Why don't we use Palm Oil in Rustic Art products?

Rustic Art cares for its environment. Our concern for our planet is bigger than our concern for business hence we do not use palm oil in any Rustic Art products as it is leading to de-forestation due to un-sustainable plantation and harvesting.

Why are liquid soaps so thin in consistency?

he liquid soaps are manufactured using natural cold process method and no emulsifier or thickener is added to make it look like gel. What you get is pure natural soap.

Do these soaps foam?

The natural cold process soaps have mild creamy foam but as no foaming agent is added to any of these soaps, these do not foam like other bathing bars.