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DIY Bugs and Mosquitoes Repellents

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Commercial mosquito repellents usually contain toxic chemicals which are directly inhaled by all of us. They are directly linked to various issues like skin irritation, nasal irritation, head ache, nausea, cough and more.
We can choose one of many natural alternatives which are highly effective mosquitoes and bugs repellents.
Some effective DIYs include –

  1. Neem Oil Lamp
    Lighting a simple neem oil lamp will help repel mosquitoes and purify the air.
  2. Bhimseni Kapur is an amazing ingredient. For mild repellent, keep a 0.5 -1 inch big piece in some water in every room. You can also burn it and its vapours act as an quick repel smoke. No wonder our tradition includes this ingredient for all auspicious occasions.
  3. Plant Citronella / Lemongrass around you. Mosquitoes and bugs hate these plants.
  4. Use few drops of lemongrass or neem or peppermint oil in floor cleaning water to mop. It is extremely effective way to keep bugs away too.

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