5 Spices That Are Hidden Skin Care Secrets

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Cooking seems absolutely incomplete without the use of spices. Have you ever thought how bland food would be without them? The use of spices in daily life makes it easier to find it at home. And if you’re wondering where we are going with this, we are going to tell you secrets to better skin with spices that are sitting right there in that kitchen cabinet.

1) Cinnamon
This aromatic spice has skin tightening properties, but needs to be used carefully on sensitive skin. Cinnamon has been used since ancient times to get glowing skin and for lightening wrinkles. It is used world over in scrubs since it acts as a good exfoliating agent, which is one of the keys to getting a younger looking skin. All said and done, cinnamon is a strong spice that can be harsh on sensitive skin and hence, it is always advisable to do a skin patch test first.

2) Turmeric
In India, turmeric tops the list when it comes to beauty. Be it weddings, festivals or grandma’s customised face masks, turmeric has made its presence felt. An antiseptic agent, it is believed to enhance your complexion and fight the signs of ageing. Because of its antiseptic properties, turmeric is also used to treat acne. Turmeric and gram flour mixed with milk or water has been a recipe for flawless skin since ages.

3) Ginger
The zesty ginger is packed with the punch of goodness for the skin. Its consumption and application are deemed to be useful for the skin. Ginger juice, overtime, helps fade scars and aids rejuvenation of skin due to its antioxidant properties. It is also the reason why radiant skin is acquired through the use of ginger. The common problem of acne can be fought with this spice that is sitting there in your refrigerator and apparently, this is a good solution especially for people with sensitive skin.

4) Pepper

Yes, you read that right, we’re talking about pepper as in black pepper. The hot and spicy one is supposed to be a good scrubbing agent to remove blackheads. Isn’t that great? An inexpensive, homely and non-painful way to remove blackheads! The heat from pepper powder loosens pores on the skin which is why the ease. It is to be mixed with other ingredients and not to be applied on its own, please take note of that.

5) Fennel

Fennel is both a spice and a herb used generally as a mouth freshener. Have you ever noticed how it has a cooling effect when you consume it? The cooling quality is what lowers skin irritations when fennel powder is applied on the skin. This powder, mixed with more ingredients, acts as a mask that is responsible for a toned, glowing and flexible skin. Apparently fennel has antioxidant and antiseptic properties that help fight acne and fade their scars too. For a wrinkle free, delicate skin, bring out that fennel from your shelf.

So when it comes to skincare, you now just have to head to the kitchen!

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