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3 Reasons Why You Need Clean Beauty Products in Your Shelf

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by Soma Banik, owner Cosmetics Arena, a beauty blog that talks about ingredients!

Gone are the days when people used to run behind brands and products promoted by celebs. New age cosmetic fanatics are tending more towards clean beauty products. The question is why.
Well! There are millions of reasons behind this sudden craze. In fact, it would be wrong to call it ‘craze’. A number of logical factors are running in the backdrop. If you are someone who is yet to check out clean beauty products, then you are seriously missing something. Here are 3 reasons that would compel you to try clean beauty products.

#1 Safe Ingredient, Safe Planet
Ingredients play a major role to decide the fate of cosmetics. Whether a product would be a hit or a miss depends largely upon the ingredient list. In commercial cosmetics, a huge number of harmful chemical components are used like SLS, Parabens, Dimethicone, etc.
Those chemicals are not only harmful for the human organs but also for the environment. And here is the point when we need clean beauty products in our shelves.
Safe chemical components play an amazing role behind the success of the clean beauty formulations. Short yet effective ingredient list is something that is worth giving a shot.

#2 No Absurd Claims like Insta-Fairness
Unlike the popular commercial brands, a clean beauty brand like Rustic Art never tries to impose tall & false claims.
Often, such brands talk about instant result which is a tall claim itself. For example, if you are someone with a deep scar from chronic acne, then it is simply not possible to fade the marks within a few days. No matter how amazing the ingredients are, it is never going to happen.
Clean beauty products talk about slow but steady results. There are many clean products for acne treatment or scar treatment that work for real. I have seen many people to heal their skin with such treatment.  
Instead of glorifying fairness clean beauty products aim at improving the overall texture of the skin. Such brands always talk about positivity. And, this is the reason why the popularity of harsh chemical-free products is rising.

#3 No Potential Hazard
If you closely observe the ingredient list of any popular cosmetic, you would find many of the components are not only harmful for the environment but also serious health hazards or carcinogenic.
For example, ingredient like DMDM Hydantoin is a Formaldehyde releaser which is a Carcinogen itself. Question is why we should put our hard-earned money in something that might cause cancer in the long run.
Well! This is exactly why you need clean beauty products on your shelf. The components put inside the formulations of such products are always safe for the human organs.

Final Thoughts
In my 4 years of journey as a blogger, I have come across numerous clean beauty brands. Most of the brands that I have used so far came out with flying colours. But a few could not. Of course! There were many reasons behind it.
Here is an interesting thing I observed behind those failures and that is ‘incomplete ingredient list.’ I have seen many clean beauty brands claim that their products are free from hazards. But, they did not have the courage to declare the entire ingredient list. I must say, stay away from such brands.
No matter how strongly a brand promotes itself as a clean beauty brand, always make sure to check the ingredient list. If it is incomplete, then it would be wise to not splurge your hard-earned money on it.
In case, the brand discloses everything on the labels, as a responsible buyer make sure to check the functionalities of every individual component. Well! Decoding ingredients can be a bit difficult for sure. Check out websites or blogs that talk about such things.

clean beauty blog by cosmetics arenas for rustic art

As a whole, it is our duty to take care of Mother Earth and it simply can start with choosing the right product.

About Author: Soma Banik is a cosmetics geek from the City of Joy-Kolkata. Cosmetics Arena is her dream project. And, the inspiration came from the quest to know the ingredients of cosmetics. Blogging is her passion, but she is a government employee by profession. Join her to decode the world of cosmetics and many more.
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Disclaimer: Views expressed are of author’s own and is not sponsored by brand! Author has consented for use of their content.

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