Bursting the bubble!

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With the growing level of awareness and the exposure to the information over internet and other media, we are all very much conscious of the harm being caused to our lives through various things like the depletion of tress, increasing number of vehicles on the road, polluted water, adulterated food, and the list can go on. As much as we try to avoid the exposure to these, it is next to impossible to live a lifestyle that is exclusive of the ill effects of the modern times. However, you can minimize the effect by doing what is within your reach.

You don’t realize, but something as simple as your bathing soap and shampoo could be harming your body on a day to day basis. A lot of chemicals, toxic substances and harsh ingredients are bottled up in a fancy packaging and presented to you in the form of personal care products.

Almost all of these products contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) – a chemical which is ideal for cleansing grease because it is nothing but a very harsh surfactant or a detergent. It is present not only in your soaps and shampoos, but also in your toothpaste, detergents, et al. SLS and SLeS are used by manufacturers because it is inexpensive and acts as a great foaming agent. Their use can have a negative effect on you since they are capable of causing damage to hair follicle, permanent eye damage and liver impairment.
Majority of liquid soaps (face wash, hand wash and body wash) contain Triclosan – for the fragrance and as an anti-bacterial element. It is also used in kitchenware cleaners. Triclosan is a Chlorophenol, a class of chemicals believed to cause cancer in humans. Parabens, found in various beauty products, are known to increase the risk of breast cancer among women. Thus, using chemical based products on the skin and hair is extremely harmful since they get absorbed in the blood stream. Also, these products are harsh on the environment too as the drained water from the bathroom is toxic, which goes back in the environment.

It is dangerous that we use these products generously on our skin and even let our children use them. However, there are natural alternatives available to all of these basic personal care products.

Using natural face packs, ghee / Aloe Vera Gel instead of moisturizers, henna instead of hair dyes, reetha instead of shampoos, etc is always a better alternative. In cases you cannot or do not wish to use the alternatives in their raw form, look for products based on these natural ingredients. It is always better to go by the list of ingredients instead of just relying on the label of the product and its claims to be natural.

Go for green alternatives. Choose organic and natural toiletries. Prevent yourself from falling prey to the shimmer of chemical products. Make an informed choice.